“Long-term monitoring and research projects such as those at Llyn Brianne are crucial to our understanding of the Welsh Environment.” – Countryside Council for Wales

“Without such time series data and the understanding they provide, conservation of many freshwater invertebrates would be an imprecise and haphazard science.” – Bug Life

“Since the Millennium, this unique data set has assumed even greater importance because of the new challenges of understanding climate change, the value of ecosystem services to society and its environment.” – Affonyd Cymru, the Welsh Rivers Trust

Training site for PhD students and Postdocs

16 Cardiff PhD students have worked directly at Llyn Brianne or on related projects in adjacent rivers. All have gone on to serve different communities including:

  • Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
  • EU and USA consultancies
  • APEM Ltd
  • Natural England
  • research in the UK and EU
  • Wildlife Trusts
  • Zoological Society of London
  • Environment Agency
  • Powys County Council
  • BBC Natural History Unit.

At least 13 postdocs have been trained on Lynn Brianne and now occupy key roles in a range of communities:

  • Environment Agency
  • Cork University
  • Department of Environment, Northern Ireland
  • Plymouth University
  • Thames Water
  • National Museum, Wales