Rivers in time: the past and future of a long-term Observatory

Professor John Stoner, speaking here in the 1980s, explains the origins of the “Llyn Brianne Project” in acid-rain research.  He outlines why the catchments were thought ideal for long-term study. (Video courtesy of Afonydd Cymru)

Cardiff Professor of Applied Biology, Ron Edwards (1930-2007), again filmed in the 1980s, predicted how research at Llyn Brianne could have wider impact. (Video courtesy of Afonydd Cymru)  Professor Steve Ormerod picks up the story today.

The Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory now and in future.  Dr Isabelle Durance talks about contributions to future sustainability and ecosystem resilience through a major new investigation of ecosystem services. Steve Ormerod envisions how the project will continue to evolve and prosper.